O'Driscoll Family Links

O'Driscoll Clan Links International

  • Driscoll's of UK
    Dave Driscoll's (former Clan Chieftain) site covering a wide range of Driscoll/Clan issues including history and music
  • Driscoll's of Canada
    Marilyn and Bruce Driscoll's (former Clan Chieftain) contribution to promoting the Clan and ensuring the O Driscoll name continues in Canada
  • Driscoll's of Cork
    Arguably the best source of O Driscoll genealogy and history on the internet
  • Driscoll.ie
    Dr. √Čamon Lankford has gathered much documentation relating to people named O Driscoll. This is his Driscoll site.
  • O' Drisceoil's of North America
    Of Castles, Pirates, and Kings. The O'Driscoll Clan USA

Other Links of Interest