White Pages Australia 2000

There are just under one thousand O'Driscoll's, Driscoll's, Driscol's, and Driskel's, in the various white pages phone books throughout Australia.   This would suggest that there is probably two to three thousand of us in total, spread around all corners of Australia.

I have extracted all the variations of our name from the White Pages phone books, and have listed them below.   For obvious reasons, I have deleted addresses and phone numbers, to maintain peoples privacy.

It would seem to me that with these numbers, we have the basis for establishing our own "Australian Clan", (leave this with me, I'll work on it) to compliment the Clan in Baltimore Ireland.

O'Driscoll's        Driscoll's        Driscol's        Driskel's

Biographies of Australian Driscoll's

The biographies below are sourced from the Australian Dictionary of Biography Online Edition http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/adbonline.htm and are reproduced consistent with the copyright provisions of that site.