Driscoll & O'Driscoll Immigration Lists

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Unassisted Shipping Index

Index of "Driscoll's" and "O'Driscoll's" from the Inward Passenger Lists entering Victoria, Australia, for British and Foreign Ports.

Assisted Immigrant Index 1844 - 1896

The term 'assisted immigrant' refers to those people whose passage was subsidised or paid for through one of the several assisted immigration schemes which operated to New South Wales from the United Kingdom and other countries.

Passengers Arrivals - Hobart - 19th Century

Records of passengers, crew, ship's masters and ships arriving were kept in the 19th century.

Irish Convicts to WA 1850-1868

Irish Convicts to NSW 1791 - 1820

Irish Convicts to Tasmania 1804 - 1853

The ultimate assisted passage, although travelling conditions were not crash hot, nor was the accommodation upon arrival.