Driscoll / O'Driscoll mentioned in legal cases

Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899
R v Walker and Gore, 1836

James Driscoll - I am assigned to Major Druitt, upon his farm at Cassilis .... Thinking that Driscoll had something to do in the murder, I ordered him to go ...

R v Hagan, 1835

The Ball entered the left breast of Driscoll between the first and second rib, ... Driscoll fell back and died instantly. Hagan then fell on his knees, ...

Solomon v Hayes, 1847

Mr. DRISCOLL, on behalf of Mr. Brenan, appeared in support of the ... Mr. DRISCOLL, in reply, contended that no ground had been shown in answer to the ...

Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts
Burton v. Driscoll, 1834

assault, endangered plaintiff's life - ship's captain, assault on seaman