Terms of Business

WTWT Human Resource Consultants Pty. Ltd. maintains competitive fees to ensure that clients are provided with the best value, whilst providing them with solutions that meet or exceed their needs. WTWT treats all information supplied by clients as strictly commercial-in-confidence.

Successful achievement of assignments depends heavily on effective cooperation with the client and their staff. It is also imperative that the client's staff understands, and has a sense of ownership with regard to the role being carried out by WTWT.
All data and information sources used by WTWT in any recommendations or reports are made in good faith and based on the best information available at the time. They do not represent a guarantee for success.

WTWT's fees reflect all of the services delivered during the term of the contract or assignment and are based on the time spent on a project whether at the client's premises or elsewhere.  Additional costs and other out-of-pocket expenses such as, airfares, accommodation etc. are not included in the contract price. Where these costs are not paid directly by the client, they will be passed on to the client at cost.
An individual client's Terms of Engagement for WTWT's services are as per the details contained in client proposals, letter of assignment, contractor agreements or contracts.