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This is a new site and growing in size every day

The purpose of this site is:

  • to gather and publish as much data as possible relating to the Leslie name in Australia & New Zealand.
  • to create a central point where Leslies can exchange information on all things relating to our name and our heritage.
  • to encourage and assist others with their genealogical endeavours.
  • to provide as much searchable data available for use by those Leslies researching their family history.
  • to connect Australian Leslies with Clan Leslie Society Aust & NZ and Clan Leslie Society International
Lord to Laird, Serf to Settler
A book by William Leslie of New Zealand, covering 970 years of Leslies from the Shetland Islands to New Zealand.

Contact William Leslie
email: gripfastleslie@gmail.com
Many state governments now charge up to $300.00 or more for a CD of their historical indexes, or $1.00 per page of name searches. (about 25 names)
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