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"Driscoll's of Australia & New Zealand" web site

Our purpose is:

  • to gather and publish as much data as possible relating to the O'Driscoll / Driscoll name in Australia & New Zealand.

  • to create a central point where Driscoll's or O'Driscoll's can exchange information on all things relating to our name and our heritage.

  • to encourage and assist others with their genealogical endeavours.

  • to provide as much searchable data available for use by those O'Driscolls researching their family history.

  • to connect Australian & New Zealand O'Driscoll's with others around the world.

  • Many governments now charge up to $300.00 or more for a CD of their historical index. This site is FREE and is willing to publish any data it is able to find regardless of restrictive copyrights.


If your name is O'Driscoll, Driscoll, Driscol, Driskel, or any other variation, there is little doubt that you are descendant from the original O'Driscoll's or ÓhEidirsceoil, and your ancestors originated in south west Cork. Your ancestors were established in Baltimore on the mainland, and Cape Clear, and Sherkin Islands. They were once one of the most powerful Clans in Ireland, and can be traced back more than a thousand years.

O Driscolls Past & Present

"O Driscolls Past and Present"

A new book by Dr. Éamon Lankford, covering the history of the O Driscolls including current O Driscolls world wide.

Books available from:

Éamon Lankford,
Cape Clear Museum Society,
C/- An t-Áras,
13 Dyke Parade, Cork
Republic of Ireland
Tel. 353 21 4274110
FAX 353 28 39150
e-mail: logainmneacha@gmail.com

0r if in any difficulty contact us
Price: € 40.00
Postage & packaging: € 5.00 (for Australia)

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